» MyLab™One VET-High-End Veterinary Ultrasound In One Small Package

MyLab™One VET

High-End Veterinary Ultrasound In One Small Package

The new standard in veterinary ultrasound is called MyLab™One VET. This innovative system is easily operated through the 12 inch high-resolution full touch screen control. The dedicated veterinary user interface offers quick and precise imaging, diagnosing and printing.

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MyLab™One VET: Designed Around You 

The possibility to use the system on roll stand, desk stand or wall-mounted offers high flexibilty in the system configuration and use, satisfying any specific requirement of the vetenarian. Due to the convex- and linear array broadband transducers weith frequencies ranging from 2.5 to 22 Mhz, the MyLab™One VET can be used for a wide set of applications.


Dedicated User Interface

VET Optimized Data Entry Screens: The patient data screen and printouts are optimized for veterinary specific data entry with data fields for species, application and breed. This defines the MyLab™One VET as a dedicated and professional veterinary ultrasound system.

Dedicated VET Body Marks: Dedicated veterinary body marks define the MyLab™One VET as a specialized veterinary ultrasound system and help to clearly mark species and part of the animal body which was scanned.

Veterinary Measurement Software Packages: Specialized VET measurement and calculation software, developed in close cooperation with veterinary opinion leaders, assist the veterinary in coming quick and scientifically based diagnosis. This is another aspect which defines the system as one of the most dedicated veterinary ultrasound system currently available.


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