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MyLab™Alpha: Top Performance In Action

MyLab™Alpha, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value has been designed to offer Top Performance Ultrasound and high dynamism in very reduced size and weight. A wide range of accessories, makes MyLab™Alpha as comfortable as a mainframe system, when it is used in a stationary mode. It also provides a range of efficient “ready-to-go” solutions, when mobility and time are strictly important. MyLab™Alpha is the answer to current diagnostic and point-of-care approaches that require state-of-the-art technologies to be involved in today’s ultrasound systems.

“Never confuse movement with action” – Ernest Hemingway 


Discover the new Esaote CrystaLine

New Esaote CrystaLine represents the latest enhancement in Ultrasound image quality: brightness, clarity, purity and sharpness to increase Productivity, Efficiency and Value with optimal workflow and upgrading capability in all applications, i.e. Cardiovascular, General Imaging, Women’s Healthcare and Point-of-care imaging. Combined with advanced eHD Technology, Esaote CrystaLine represents your Imaging Solution, particularly for difficult-to-scan patients: it helps increase your diagnostic confidence, achieve high performance, improve patient care and throughput.


eHD Technology: A New Era In Ultrasound

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Value
  • Maximizing Signal Information
  • Low Power Consumption
  • More Efficient Healthcare

eHD is Esaote’s technology to innovateultrasound imaging and improve systems’ use. It represents our attention to diagnostic value by optimizing all aspects of the chain a signal has to travel through, starting from the echo generated by the patient’s body up to the arrival on the system’s monitor. It maximizes the efficiency of ultrasound scanning, leaving the sonographer free to concentrate on the patient. eHD: the quality that improves your diagnostic confidence.

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iQProbes: appleprobe, An Innovative Approach In Ergonomics

The appleprobe keeps the hand and wrist in their natural alignment by distributing the grip throughout the whole hand just as you grip an apple. When not scanning you can relieve tension on the fingers and wrist, simply by keeping the probe between the fingers. The appleprobe has been designed for both innovative and traditional grips thanks to its innovative palm hold and conventional pincer hold.

  • Active Matrix Composite Material
  • Multiple Adaptive Layers
  • Bi-Con Geometric Lens
  • Heating Efficiency Control

MyLab™Alpha offers a wide range of iQProbes: in addition to convex, linear and phased array, several special probes (such as endocavity, transesophageal, intraoperative, volumetric, etc…) can be connected.


Top Performance Ultrasound, Anytime And Anywhere

MyLab™Alpha has been designed to deliver top performance and high dynamism in a very reduced size and weight. Thanks to eHD technology this system provides fast, optimized data transfer for improved user comfort and clinical outcome as well as increased department throughput and competence.

Unparalleled Throughput

The intelligent software and large sized touch-screen allow unique features to be delivered with MyLab™Alpha. The Productivity-Oriented Platform is the core of the architecture: easy access, customized settings and functions, standardized clinical protocols and immediate settings. With the simple switching of the “E”Knobsmart key users have easy and direct access to the most frequently used parameters with high diagnostic confidence: it makes MyLab™Alpha your preferred ultrasound system.



  • Easy Portability
  • Innovative “Ready-To-Go“ Solutions
  • Comfortable Workstations
  • Wide Range Of Accessories


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