» MyLab™30Gold VET: More Than A Portable System

MyLab™۳۰Gold VET: More Than A Portable System

Setting A New Standard: The Premium-Performance Mobile Ultrasound

The MyLab™۳۰Gold VET represents the new standard in mobile ultrasound systems, able to perfectly match the latest technological innovations with ease of use and portability.

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MyLab™۳۰Gold VET: More Than Image Quality

The clinical results reflect diagnostic confidence. This high-end system has full veterinary features, while the extending technologies and solutions of the MyLab™Gold platform brought the image quality to the highest level. A new class of systems: the Gold Standard in terms of quality and solutions meets the portable ultrasound to deliver unmatched performance, defining a new class of systems. High performance 15″ LCD monitor: the most recent LCD technologies ensure clear image visualization, low reflection and minimum eyestrain.


MyLab™۳۰Gold VET: More Than Powerful

Increased productivity and user comfort, maximized and protected value of the investment according to the longer product life. When positioned on the stationary trolley, MyLab™۳۰Gold VET offers the consistency of a standard console system (chart-based), including a large LCD monitor, extended back-lighted keyboard, probe holders and peripheral locations.


Virtually Move Your Echo-Lab To The Point-Of-Care

Thanks to the integrated lightweight battery, MyLab™۳۰Gold VET can easily work with full performance even in mobile configuration (portable). Premium performance with portability is today a reality with the MyLab™۳۰Gold VET. It represents the state of the art in terms of technologies and diagnostic capabilities.


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