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MyLab™Seven: Productivity In Real-Time

Maximizing The Efficiency Of Ultrasound Scanning

More in less: the new Productivity-Oriented Platform, a further breakthrough in ultrasound imaging. MyLab™Seven, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value, delivers high-class performance and compact size in cardiac, vascular, ob/gyn and general imaging applications. Examinations can be comfortably performed, with the right tool and without any waste of time: Productivity in Real-time means better diagnosis in less time .

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. Maximizing Signal Information

. Low power consumption

. More efficient healthcare


IQ Probes

. Active Matrix Composite Material

. Multiple Adaptive Layers

. Bi-Con Geometric Lens

. Heating Eficiency Control



. Wide image size

. Articulated monitor arm

. Easy rotation and height adjustment

. Sliding alphanumeric keyboard



. Designed for productivity

. ۴ probe connectors

. Wide range of transducers ( 2D,3D )

. Compact footprint and easy mobility

. Stand-by battery


Extending productivity

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