» My Lab Alpha – Top Performance in Action

MyLab™Alpha : Top Performance in Action

MyLab™Alpha is designed on the revolutionary Productivity Oriented Platform (POP) to deliver performance, ergonomics, mobility, connectivity at the TOP with the highest level of simplicity. Focused on real diagnostic value, MyLab™Alpha with eHD Technology and CrystaLine has been designed to deliver top performance and high dynamism in very reduced size and weight .


– عملکرد و کارایی راحت :

. Single crystal technology transducers

. Advanced quantification package


– طراحی آرگونومیک منحصر به فرد :

. Rotating wide screen monitor

. Double connector for the new generation IQ probes

. ۱:۳۰ hours integrated battery

& stand-by mode


– ابزارهای کاربری :

. HD touch screen

. e Touch automated sequences

. SmarTouch image fine tuning with a single touch

– هنر ، تکنولوژی و اتصال :

. Coronary Flow Imaging,

 XStrainTM & XStrainTM4D, RFQIMT

. Wireless connection

. MyLabDesk3 PC software


– راحتی :

. Easy Portability

. Innovative “Ready-To-Go“ Solutions

. Comfortable Workstations

. Wide Range Of Accessories


– صدایی فوق العاده و بی سیم :

. Extendedexportcapabilityto PC (Windows ®,Mac ®)andmobiledevices (tablets,smart-phones,etc…)

. Easynetworking, standard and wireless

. DICOMand IHEcompliance

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